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The coalition could prove fragile as it has just a one-seat majority. It comprises his liberal VVD, the centrist D66 and conservative Christian parties CDA and Christian Union, marking a steer to the right.

Mr Rutte has run the country since October 2010.

The Dutch approach to public broadcasting is unique. Programmes are made by groups which reflect political or religious currents, or other interests. These organisations are allocated airtime on TV and radio, in line with the number of members they have.

Public radio and TV face stiff competition from commercial stations. Viewers have access to a wide range of domestic and foreign channels, thanks mainly to one of the highest cable take-up rates in Europe. Every province has at least one local public TV channel. The three national public TV stations enjoy high audience shares.

Some key dates in the history of the Netherlands:

1914-1918 - The Netherlands maintains its neutrality during World War I.


1940 - Nazi Germany invades. The Dutch Royal Family flees to England, accompanied by the Dutch cabinet. The Dutch army is overwhelmed and the Netherlands surrenders.

1944 - As Allied forces advance towards Germany, the Netherlands becomes the site of bitter fighting.

1945 - The occupation ends with the surrender of German forces in the Netherlands. The Netherlands goes on to become a charter member of the United Nations.

1949 - The Dutch East Indies, which had been occupied by Japan during World War II, receives its independence as Indonesia.

1949 - The Netherlands abandons its policy of neutrality and joins Nato.

1952 - The Netherlands is a founding member of the European Coal and Steel Community, which becomes the European Economic Community five years later.

1975 - Dutch colony of Surinam achieves independence. Hundreds of thousands of Surinamese emigrate to the Netherlands.

1980 - Queen Juliana abdicates; Beatrix becomes queen.

2002 - Euro replaces the Dutch guilder.

2013 - Queen Beatrix abdicates; her son Willem-Alexander becomes king.

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Afghanistan and Syria, which have been ravaged by war, come second and third, Somalia is fourth, while Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have been ranked fifth and sixth.

The United States, surprisingly, has been ranked 10th - and it's ranked third for sexual violence.

Bogus study alert.Thomson-Reuters Foundation ranks USA as 3rd worst country in WORLD for sexual violence, worse than Congo Pakistan. Methodology? It asked assorted gender experts for their “perceptions.” Sad to see such shoddiness ⁦ @TR_Foundation


End of Twitter post by @CHSommers

In war-torn Syria, parents send daughters out of the country in droves to keep them safe. In Nigeria, Boko Haram abducts school girls. In Iraq, Yazidi women are made into sex slaves. And Thomson Reuters Foundation finds India the most unsafe for women. What a crooked fiction!


End of Twitter post by @eeta

"It's not about the ranking. Our society is ruled by misogyny and patriarchy," Zakia Soman, a women's rights activist who was also one of the experts surveyed, told the BBC.

"We need to take this survey in the correct spirit. We should look at it in a reflective way - where have we gone wrong as a society?"

She added that no-one expects women to have an easy life in countries such as Somalia or Saudi Arabia. But they do expect something more from a democracy like India.

Is it fair to compare India with countries such as Saudi Arabia, where women's rights are restricted?

"It is known that women in Saudi Arabia don't have much access to the public sphere in terms of rights," said Ms Verma. "But the fact that they have made driving legal for women just a few days ago is a sign of hope - to me, it shows that the country is changing and making progress within itself.

"So it is hard to compare that with India, but if we are to look inwards, we see that not much has changed."

But should that be a matter of opinion?

Mr Kumar says a better and more credible method would have been to group countries into categories and rank them within those categories.

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Nevertheless, the association of cassina with vomiting persists: Sources such as the Oxford English Dictionary erroneously describe yaupon leaves as having emetic or purgative properties, keeping alive the myth that cassina makes you throw up.

William Aiton may have simply made a long-perpetuated mistake when he named cassina “Ilex vomitoria.” But there’s reason to believe he and other Europeans conspired against the plant.

As the royal gardener, Aiton knew some of the richest and most powerful people in the British Empire. One of the most profitable and influential forces in that empire was the East India Company, which held a virtual monopoly on the tea trade. Its officers may well have worried that cassina represented a potential replacement for a lucrative British commodity, especially as it grew abundantly within regions then under the control of Spain and France.

In his entry on Ilex vomitoria, Aiton listed “South-Sea Tea” as a common name for cassina, suggesting he was aware of its use as a beverage amongst the English. Further, Aiton chose the name vomitoria even though Carl Linnaeus, the founder of the modern taxonomic system, referenced cassina under the name Ilex Cassine vera Floridanorum in 1753. (Ilex cassine is now the name for a close relative of cassina, the dahoon holly, which has significantly less caffeine.)

If Aiton’s sensational name choice was simply a mistake, it could have been corrected in the subsequent edition of his book Hortus kewensis , which was published by his son in 1810. It’s hard to imagine both Aitons missing Bartram’s Travels (the first English edition was published in the early 1790s) wherein Philadelphia botanist William Bartram describes southeastern American Indians and European traders drinking cassina and makes no mention of them throwing up. There’s no smoking gun, but given that the British Empire passed laws and went to war to maintain monopolies on goods such as sugar, tobacco, and opium, it’s possible Aiton engaged in scientific slander.

Either way, cassina never developed into a major English export or drink of choice. Pre tied bow tie Gold Solid mossknit Notch ADEWALE Notch 6DaqfLmNT
at the University of Florida suggests that the scientific name continues to make people “leery of buying” cassina despite preferring it over maté in a blind taste test. In the words of Charles M. Hudson, our insistence on associating cassina with vomiting may be because “we are all too ready to emphasize the bizarre and exotic in the cultural practices of the Indians.”

That’s not to say that cassina was never drunk widely after the colonization of the Americas. In the earliest days of the Southern colonies—when plantations were being carved out of woodland and luxury imports were rare—cassina drinking was widespread from slaves to plantation owners. But as plantations became larger and more profitable, the nouveau riche demonstrated their wealth by drinking expensive imported tea.

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